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Communication, Cognitive, & Swallowing Therapy for Adults in Lawrence, KS

Speech Solutions specializes in adult speech therapy tailored to your or your loved one's unique needs.

Articulation Disorders • Stuttering • Dysarthria • Aphasia • Stroke Recovery • Executive Functioning • TBI • AAC • Cognition • Memory • Dementia • Parkinson's Disease • Dysphagia/Swallowing

Communication Disorders

At Speech Solutions, we specialize in adult speech therapy to help adults who are experiencing challenges with speech intelligibility, expressive and receptive language, reading, and written expression. We take a client-focused approach, selecting activities that resonate with our clients and will help them develop or regain skills that will have a positive impact on their daily lives. In therapy, we will work on skills such as:


  • Improving overall speech clarity

  • Correct pronunciation of specific sounds and words

  • Word-finding ability

  • Verbal or written expression of thoughts, needs, and wants

  • Receptive language skills for following directions, answering questions, and participating more actively in conversations

  • Reading skills with a focus on practical and personal materials, such as recipes, menus, medication labels, etc.

Cognitive Disorders

At Speech Solutions, our speech therapy for adults extends to those experiencing changes or declines in their cognitive skills, often resulting from illness, medical events, or conditions like dementia or Parkinson's disease.


Our client-focused approach ensures that therapy activities are meaningful and directly beneficial to our clients and their support networks. Through personalized therapy sessions, we engage in both structured and flexible activities aimed at enhancing cognitive abilities, including:

  • Developing strategies to organize thoughts and solve problems more effectively

  • Exercises to strengthen memory and use memory strategies

  • Practicing skills such as reading medication labels, filling pill boxes, and managing schedules to support increased independence

  • Activities like balancing a checkbook and writing checks to enhance autonomy in financial affairs

Cognitive Therapy
Adult working on swallowing and cognitive skills during speech therapy for adults in Lawrence, KS

Swallowing Disorders

Speech Solutions offers specialized speech therapy for swallowing to assist individuals experiencing changes or declines in their swallowing abilities. This may be due to illness, acute medical events, or chronic conditions like dementia or Parkinson's disease.


Using evidence-based approaches tailored to each client's needs, we help clients develop safe and effective swallowing skills. Speech therapy for swallowing will focus on:


  • Ensuring the safe consumption of food and liquids

  • Dietary recommendations on the safest and least restrictive diet consistencies for each client

  • Providing coaching and patient education on recognizing the signs and symptoms of aspiration

  • Offering strategies to reduce the risk of aspiration

  • Teaching positioning, use of adaptive equipment, and exercises to strengthen and coordinate the mechanisms involved in swallowing


Our speech therapists will refer to Lawrence Memorial Hospital as needed for Modified Barium Swallow Study

We are accepting new clients for speech, cognitive, and swallowing therapy in our Lawrence, KS clinic and online.

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