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Pediatric Speech and Occupational Therapy
Serving Children & Teens in Lawrence, KS

Personalized therapy solutions focused on building skills, confidence, and lasting success.

Late Talkers • Developmental Delays • Articulation Disorders • Phonological Disorders • Childhood Apraxia of Speech • Language Delays & Disorders • Social Skills • Executive Functioning • Autism • AAC • Fine Motor Delays & Disorders • Handwriting • Self Care Skills • Hand-Eye Coordination • Sensory Integration

Let's Begin with an Evaluation

Before your evaluation appointment, you will complete intake paperwork to share background information about your child. If there is a relevant medical history or your child is working with other professionals, we may also request records for review before the evaluation.


During the evaluation session, your speech or occupational therapist will use a variety of tools to gain a comprehensive picture of your child's skills, such as:

  • parent/caregiver interview

  • observation of your child during various activities

  • interaction with your child

  • informal assessment and/or standardized assessments.


This information will then be shared verbally and in a written report. A treatment plan will be developed based on the results, your child's unique strengths and needs, and your goals for your child. 

The Speech Solutions Approach to Speech & Occupational Therapy

At Speech Solutions we believe every child deserves personalized therapy that will build upon their strengths to help them develop new skills in a positive and family-friendly environment.

We care deeply about every client and family we work with and dedicate time to offer resources and support that extend beyond the therapy room. With an experienced team of speech and occupational therapists, we are also able to deliver collaborative care, involving everyone on your child's team so we can work together towards their goals. 

Our speech or occupational therapists provide parent/caregiver education and training during the sessions so you can feel confident working with your child at home. We will also provide specific activities to do at home, and we will help you find ways to incorporate practice into the rhythm of your daily life.

Speech, Language, Social Skills, & Executive Functioning

Child working on speech sounds during speech therapy for kids in Lawrence, KS

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is individualized to meet your child's goals and needs. Common skills addressed in therapy include:

  • Teaching correct placement for sounds​

  • Fixing errors that impact speech clarity​

  • Using strategies for clear and smooth speech

  • Building confidence in the ability to communicate

Language Therapy

We provide individualized therapy to increase language skills for functioning at home, school, and in social environments focusing on skills such as:

  • Language comprehension​

  • Combining words together

  • Grammatical knowledge​

  • Developing a more extensive vocabulary​

  • Following directions and answering questions

Social Skills

Navigating social situations can be challenging for some children. Therapy for social skills will help your child advocate for themselves and develop skills such as:

  • Understanding emotions

  • Responding appropriately in social situations

  • Taking turns and working in groups

  • Managing conflicts

  • Understanding non-verbal communication and social cues​

Child working on executive function skills during speech therapy in Lawrence, KS

Executive Functioning

Children with executive function challenges can have difficulty with one or many different skills. Therapy to address executive function skills will be personalized to help your child develop skills such as:


  • Time management

  • Planning and task completion skills

  • Organizational skills​

  • Ability to pay attention and regulate impulses​

  • Transition between tasks​

  • Self-advocacy skills

Occupational Therapy for Fine Motor Skills, Handwriting, Hand-Eye Coordination, Self-Care, and Sensory Integration

Occupational Therapy

Children's lives are made up of meaningful activities that vary based on age. These activities are our occupations. For example, a toddler's occupations are learning to play, socialize with peers, feed themselves, etc. An older child's occupations may include attending school, participating in after-school activities, doing chores at home, and possibly working.


When a child faces strength, coordination, or sensory challenges that impact their ability to function in daily life, occupational therapy may help. Your occupational therapist will tailor each session to your child's unique needs as they help your child develop skills such as:

  • Writing, coloring, cutting, and other fine motor skills

  • Using two hands together to manipulate objects

  • Increasing strength and coordination of the hands and arms

  • Self-help skills such as dressing, toileting, self-feeding, bathing, etc.

  • Processing, integrating, and organizing sensory information

  • Hand-eye coordination

Child working on fine motor skills during occupational therapy in Lawrence, KS

We are accepting new clients for speech and occupational therapy in our Lawrence, KS clinic and online.

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